27 mai 2012

A Meissen black-glazed Böttger stoneware coffee pot and cover, circa 1710-13

A Meissen black-glazed Böttger stoneware coffee pot and cover, circa 1710-13.  photo Bonhams After silver prototypes, of baluster square section, the edges of the handle, ribs and spout and detailing of the animal's head picked out in gilding, the cover with a diamond-cut finial, all with a deep black and manganese lustre in imitation of lacquer, 14cm high (minor wear to gilding) (2). Lot 66. Estimate: £20,000 - 30,000 / €24,000 - 36,000 / US$ 32,000 - 47,000. Unsold ... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2012

A black-glazed bottle vase. Kangxi period (1662-1722)

A black-glazed bottle vase. Kangxi period (1662-1722).  photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2012 The vase has a globular body rising to a tall, slender neck, the exterior is covered in a lustrous black glaze ending just under the white-glazed lipped rim. 8 in. (20.2 cm.) high. Lot 1022. Price Realized £3,500 ($5,513) Provenance: With 'C.T. Loo & Co.' label to base  Christie's. Chinese Ceramics, Works of Art and Textiles 18 May 2012 London, South Kensington
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13 mai 2012

A rare pair of Henan 'oil-spot' teabowls. Northern Song-Jin dynasty

A rare pair of Henan 'oil-spot' teabowls. Northern Song-Jin dynasty. photo Bonhams Each of rounded form supported on a short footring, covered all over the interior and exterior with a rich lustrous black glaze densely suffused with a myriad of silvery'oil spots' emanating to the surface, the unglazed foot revealing the brown buff stoneware. Each: 12.8cm diam. (2). Lot 253. Estimate: HK$ 30,000 - 50,000 . US$ 3,900 - 6,400 / £2,400 - 4,000 北宋 / 金 黑釉油滴斑盌一對 ... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2012

A black 'Lingbi' rock. Qing dynasty

A black 'Lingbi' rock. Qing dynasty. Photo Sotheby's a black 'Lingbi' limestone with perforations and white striations, with a clear metallic resonance, oriented three possible ways on three different hongmu stands; 14.3 by 33.5 cm., 5 5/8 by 13 1/4 in. Estimate 400,000-600,000 HKD. Lot 3247 vendu: 500,000 HKD Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. Hong Kong | 04 avr. 2012 www.sothebys.com
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29 avril 2012

A carved black and cinnabar lacquer stationary box. Yuan dynasty

  A carved black and cinnabar lacquer stationary box. Yuan dynasty. Photo Sotheby's of rectangular form with an upper section containing a deep box of rectangular section covered by a thin cover, the lower section with five small drawers hidden behind a removable panel, the exterior densely carved with a medley of flowers and fruit including peony, mallow, prunus, hibiscus, cherry blossom, magnolia, chrysanthemum, lychee, camellia and gardenia, the cover further carved with two ripe... [Lire la suite]
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28 avril 2012

An exquisite black lacquer 'peony' dish. Song Dynasty

An exquisite black lacquer 'peony' dish. Song Dynasty. Photo Sotheby's of circular form with shallow rounded sides, deeply and densely carved through thick layers of black lacquer through to the ochre ground below with a large peony in full bloom, surrounded by five attendant blooms and leaves, the petals richly detailed through varying depths, framed by a thick rim, the exterior similarly decorated with six flowers and their leaves, the recessed base lacquered in black, together with a bid... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2012

A black lacquer 'guri' tray, Ming Dynasty, 15th-16th century

A black lacquer 'guri' tray, Ming Dynasty, 15th-16th century. photo Sotheby's of rectangular form, deeply carved through thick alternating layers of black and red lacquer with a four-pointed star in the centre enclosed by six guri pommels, encircled by further rows of pommels radiating out from the centre, all framed by thick shallow walls with undulating scrolls repeated on the exterior, all supported on a tall pedestal foot with a bracketed apron further carved with scrolls; 47.2 cm.,... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2012

Vase pririforme monochrome. en porcelaine. Marque Kangxi à huit caractères avec date cydique 1672 au revers

Vase pririforme monochrome. en porcelaine. Marque Kangxi à huit caractères avec date cydique 1672 au revers. Photo Iegor H: 32cm - 12.5''. Lot 2068. Estimation : 3000-4000Voir le film de la vente: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EOtYj2Pmow IEGOR. FRIDAY 20 APRIL 2012 AT 10:00AM - FINE ASIAN ARTS.http://www.iegor.net/
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27 décembre 2010

Yuan Black Lacquer in "The world of Kubilai Khan" @ Metropolitan Museum, New York

Tray with Bird-and-Flower Design, dated either 1234 or 1294, Southern Song dynasty (1115–1279) or Yuan dynasty (1271–1368), China. Carved lacquer; H. 9/16 in. (1.5 cm), W. 4 3/8 in. (11.1 cm), L. 8 13/16 in. (22.4 cm). Lent by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Asiatic Curator's Fund, 58.689 An inscription incised into the base of this tray provides a cyclical date that can be read as either 1234 or 1294, and indicates that it was made in the Lu family shop, likely in Hangzhou. Several features—including the relative flatness of the... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2010

A Japanese black laquered suit of armour. Edo period (18th-19th century).

625 A Japanese black laquered suit of armour. Edo period (18th-19th century). Photo: Christie's Images Ltd., 2010 Nuinobe do gusoku type, with sixteen-plate sujibachi ridged helmet, the armour black lacquered iron with blue lacing, the menpo [face guard] with detachable nose piece, lacquered tsuneate [leg guards]; 61¼ in. (156 cm.) high including plinth - Estimate £3,000 - £5,000. Price Realized £6,875 Christie's. Quai d'Orsay, Paris - An Apartment by Jacques Grange, 19 November 2010, London, King Street www.christies.com... [Lire la suite]
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